Toddlers’ Safety in the Bathtub

Kids are really naughty by nature and their everyday activities include mess all over their body. From mucking through puddles to playing with almost everything they see, kids will really need a nice bath to get rid of the dirt they got from playing for hours.This is why bathing is a very important  activity in our day to day life.

However, parents disregard the possible injuries their kids might get from accidents in bathtubs. We are not being paranoid here but statistically, every year, around 40,000 kids get injuries from shower and bathtub incidents, these include slipping on objects, swallowing hazardous materials and liquid chemicals, etc. But all of these can be prevented by following the bathtub safety tips provided below:

  • Never allow your young child to use a bathtub without an adult monitoring on him/her.
  • For tub safety’s sake, stay a least an arm’s length away from the tub at all times, and that will be easier if everything you need is right there. So before you start bathing your kid make sure everything you need is already there — shampoo, washcloth, towels, robe. Also, do not bring anything that might distract you from keeping an eye on your child for example, phone.
  • Before taking your child into the tub, also make sure that everything including toys are kept organized in a container to keep you and your child from slipping incidents.
  • The use of baby bath seats is NOT recommended. So don’t be fooled by the common misconception that bath seats will keep your child safe from drowning. Suction cup bath mats and appliques are more reliable tub safety choices for stopping slips, but there is absolutely better than adult supervision.
  • Your kids’ skin are really sensitive so make sure to be extra vigilant about water temperature. Keep in mind that the water’s between 90°F and 100°F using a thermometer or you can use your elbow. If you think it’s too warm then pour some cold water of wait until the temperature subsides.
  • Keep your kids away or just get rid of sharp points and edges by using cushioned or rounded edges bath fixtures. You can cover the faucet with a cute plastic cover. Padding it with washcloth will do.
  • Kids would want to explore and move around the tub so better use slip-resistant mats inside and outside the tub.
  • Use the safest suds to your children.

As parents, you don’t want any harm for your children. You only want what’s best and safe for them. But as parents it is also your responsibility to keep your kids away from any incidents that might happen in the bathroom, so don’t forget to follow the guidelines we provided for you and your precious little critter.

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