Bathtub Toy Storage Alternatives

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Kids love bath toys, and we love the way they keep kids occupied while we make our little critters clean! But when the splishing and splashing is finished, you’re usually left with a sea of plastic toys that need somewhere to live… and if they don’t dry out properly they go all slimy and mouldy.

But what if you do not want to rush out and buy a purpose made bath toy organizer then you may be able to achieve the same goal using objects you already have around your home. Check this out!

Stainless Hanging Fruit Basket – Hanging Fruit Basket are designed to carry toys. The good news is that a Hanging Fruit Basket is just as effective at drying bath toys. An effective and cost efficient solution to buying a bath toy organizer, just be sure to use stainless metal and plastics to avoid rust.

Baskets On A Tension Rod - This bathroom facelift included this ingenious solution: a tension rod mounted behind the bath, with plastic baskets hung via shower curtain rings.

Colander – This handy kitchen device is not only perfect for draining your pasta but is also a perfectly functional bath toy holder. The holes in the base allow water to easily drain and for air to circulate to help the bath toys dry. Just like the dish racks, try to avoid using colanders made from metal.

Peg Basket – An inexpensive peg basket with a handle can be hung over your taps or suspended from your shower caddy. A plastic peg basket not only has holes to allow water to drain but most also come with a handle that can easily be suspended from your faucet or shower caddy. Perfect for smaller bath toys.


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