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Many parents use bath toys as a way to "reward" their child or baby into having a bath. While it may be delightful watching your little baby splash about with his best-loved toys, there comes a problem when the last of the water drains from the bathtub. What do you do with the bath toys?

Bath toys are one of those things that should stay in the bathroom. Not only for easy access during bath time, but also because they need to dry out when bath time is over, you don't want water all over your carpet after all.

Now if you were to put bath toys in an ordinary storage box or bucket; water would pool and you run the risk of mold and mildew forming. In addition to providing a handy place to hold bath toys, purpose made bath toy storage has plenty of ventilation to allow water to drain off the toys and allow air to circulate and dry them.


Since you have a rough idea of the different storage options available, lets check out at the different features you will need to take into consideration when buying something to hold your kid's bath toys.


The bottom of the bath toy organizer should feature many small holes, allowing water to quickly and easily leave the storage unit. Holes not only let water out but also allow air to freely circulate around the bath toys, allowing them to quickly dry.

Proper drainage and air circulation are definitely important in a bath toy organizer. Without these two features your bath toys will remain wet, providing the perfect environment for mold and mildew to form.


Unfortunately if you have textured or porous tiles then you will be unable to you a suction cup bath toy organizer. Suction cups are designed to attach to completely flat, non-porous tiles.

Run your hand along your bath tiles. They should feel shiny and smooth. If this is the case, suction cup organizers will stick to your tiles. If the tiles feel slightly grainy or bumpy, suction cups will cause you no end of grief.


While this may seem like practical, the primary purpose of a bath toy holder is to hold, your guessed it, bath toys. Surprisingly, there are many bath toy storage options available that can only hold an extremely limited amount of toys. Identify the space that your baby's bath toys will take up before picking storage to hold them.


Some bath toy storage choices are so poorly designed that bath toys actually get stuck inside them. Imagine trying to empty the bath toys into the tub only to have them get caught inside the container. Annoying!

You can also help avoid bath toys from becoming stuck. Simply avoid cramming bath toys into the organizer so tightly that they wedge in there. If you need more space for toys, buy a bigger organizer.

Big holes net storage will catch onto any pieces that protrude from bath toys, making them difficult to remove. If you are looking for a net style bath toy organizer, look for a finer weave that resembles a tightly knit mesh.

Search for areas in other bath toy holders that may pose a similar problem. There is nothing more frustrating than poor design.

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