Bath toy storage is a great way to always keep your bathroom neat and tidy. If your child plays with toys splashing around in the bath tub then you will actually need a place to store them.

There are plenty of different kinds of bath toy storage choices available, each claiming it is better than the next. How do you decide on what kind of bath toy storage is best for you?

The Different Kinds Of Bath Toy Storage

There are various types of bath toy storage options available. To give you a basic understanding of what is in the market, I will quickly cover among the most common bath to storage options.

The Scoop and Store

When bath time is over, use a scoop to gather all the bath toys from the water. The scoop functions as storage for the toys, either attaching straight to your tiled wall by suction cup or to a mounted base station.

Scoops are popular among parents with bunches of bath toys as it makes removing toys from the water an unbelievably simple task.

Storage Net

Just like a fishing net, this bath toy storage option enables water to easily drain. Because of the open weave, air can easily flow around wet bath toys, allowing them to quickly dry.

These bath toy organizers can either be made up of a loose fishing net style weave or a mesh material with much smaller holes.

Bathtub Mounted Toy Storage

Bath toy storage that mounts directly onto your bathtub. Due to the easy to reach position, you can train your baby or child to put away his own bath toys once bath time is over.

An adjustable clamp is the most typically used method of attaching the bath toy storage to your bathtub.

Bath Toy Storage Basket

Essentially a basket with holes for water to drain out. Baskets can either come wall mounted or sit directly on your bathroom floor.

Baskets are the least popular among bath toy storage devices. Because of their construction, it is harder for air to circulate and dry your baby toys.

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